Holiday Camps of Super Lexi

They Super Lexi will offer two holliday camps during the Carnival period!

Multidisciplinary internship and English practice

From 20 February 2023 to Friday 24 February 2023 from 08:30 to 17:00

Language : French
Age : from 4 to 6 years old
Location : Salle Paroissiale St Marc
Address : Av. De Fré 76, , 1180 Uccle

The activities offered during the internship will allow children to develop their self-confidence and inner potential. Relational psychomotricity will allow your child to build in the pleasure of the game and go to meet himself and the other.

Moving, sensori-motor games (running, climbing, sliding) and symbolic games (imagining, inventing, creating) as well as relaxation will be tools that we will use.

Also, throughout the internship, children will learn English through playful and age-appropriate teaching tools. Super Lexi is known for helping and accompanying children in languages while having fun.

Price : 160.00 EUR
Advance payment : 50.00 EUR


Holliday Camp Rio de Janeiro in spanish

From 27 February 2023 to Friday 03 March 2023 from 08:30 to 17:00

Language : Spanish
Age : from 6 to 10 years old
Location : Danse & Harmonie VDK
Address : Rue Vanderkindere, 471, 1180 Bruxelles

Play, listen, rhythm, create, manufacture, invent, travel, express…
During this internship, we set out to discover Brazil.
The learning of rhythm and musical games will be alternated by workshops of manual creations.

Thus, we do not focus on learning musical and manual techniques, but on the pleasure of creating, exchanging and listening in Spanish.

¡Sumergiremos a sus hijos en una atmósfera de colores, música y alegría! Jugar, escuchar, ritmo, crear, fabricar, inventar, viajar, expresarse...
Durante este stage vamos a descubrir Brasil.
En practica, aprendaran la rítmica con juegos musicales y creaciones manuales.

Sera un placer de crear, intercambiar y escuchar en español.

Price : 160.00 EUR
Advance payment : 50.00 EUR


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