If my child is less than 3-years-old, could he join at SUPER LEXI ?

Workshops Super Lexi begin from 3 years. Before this age, activities are not adapted in reason of :

  • The level of concentration
  • The cleanliness
  • The duration of the activity
  • The reasoning
  • The creativity

If my child is sick the day of the activity, could he get this session back ?

It is possible to get back an activity/quarter. We will offer him the possibility to catch up by participating in another activity. This is subject to the availability of a free spot. You will receive spontaneously an email with proposals of dates.

We ask you nevertheless for reasons of organization to warn us 24 hours in advance.

We also ask you not to make your child participate if you anticipate that they hatche a virus. Please show common sense to the other children.