Holiday Camps of Super Lexi

Summer is fast approaching and you will soon know the program!

           Super Lexi will organize holiday camps:

   – July 1 and July 2, 2021
                – Week of July 5 to July 9 2021
                    – Week of July 12 to July 16  2021
                                – Week of August 23 to August 27  2021

 Information and registration will be available Tuesday 20th May 2021 om 12:00!


They are prepared with quality and are destinated to different tematics each time. 
The disciplines are varied and target a reduced age range!

Musical awakening in the heart of nature & Corporeal awakening with African sounds

From 01 July 2021 to Friday 02 July 2021 from 08:30 to 16:30

Location : CCLJ

Language : French
Age : from 4 to 4 years old

Nature & Musical Awakening

A colorful awakening inspired by trees, wind, land and its animals

Welcome in Africa

African journey through dance, singing, storytelling and games

Price : 70.00 EUR


An imaginary & fantastic world

From 05 July 2021 to Friday 09 July 2021 from 08:30 to 17:30

Location : CCLJ

Language : French
Age : from 7 to 9 years old

Plastic Arts & Theatre

During this holiday camp, we will immerse your children in an imaginary & fantastic world.
They will meet different creatures: fairies, elves, goblins, dwarves, dragons or dragon eggs will be part of the game …

A rich and inspiring universe, which they will have the leisure to create in plastic art, to experiment and interpret in theatre in the afternoon.

Children will develop their imagination through enchanting games, magical characters & creatures and thus create their own stories.

Price : 150.00 EUR


Creative Dance & Outdoor Multisports

From 12 July 2021 to Friday 16 July 2021 from 08:30 to 17:30

Location : Complexe sportif St-Job

Language : French - English
Age : from 6 to 8 years old

Dancing in movements & Sport au Parc Wolvendaël

In the morning, the children will develop their creativity through dance and improvisational group games. These group activities will allow them to become aware of their bodies in motion, to manage their space and to dance in rhythms according to the music of very varied genres (folk, classical, jazz,)

In the afternoon, multi-sport activities will take place at Wolvendaël Park and will allow children to develop their physical abilities thanks to the discovery of a wide range of diverse and varied sports activities. Collective ball games but also games where children will have challenges: relay races etc…

Price : 160.00 EUR


African dance & creative workshops through books

From 23 August 2021 to Friday 27 August 2021 from 08:30 to 17:00

Location : CCLJ

Language : French
Age : from 5 to 7 years old

Welkome to Mama Afrika & Funny Characters

In the morning, Sidonie will sensitize your children to African culture through dance, rhythms, songs... and in the afternoon, storytelling readings will delight your children; each one funnier than the others! Their inspirations will help children create their own wacky characters and create a story around them.

Price : 150.00 EUR


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