Our Mission

You’ve decided to raise your child bilingually: either by using another language at home or enrolling them in a class at school. You would like their learning to be in a comfortable environment, without pressure or educational constraints. This requires planning and patience.

For them to be comfortable in this language in any circumstances, and be able to practice it with others, nothing can be better than playing, learning, singing and having fun with children their own age!

The satisfaction of seeing your child communicate better and better in your language


Super Lexi’s starting point:

In either case, the language your child will be most exposed to will supersede the other one.

Super Lexi addresses this issue by specialising on the language development of bilingual children.


Activities will help your child develop their potential and become more independant


Super Lexi, a personal story

I’m also mam of a little girl and I speak to her in Spanish. This language is minoritary in our family because she is going to the kinder garden and will be in a school in French.

While she is fully understanding when I talk to her, she often replies in French. After much searching for a specialised program in the Brussels South area, I realised there was a demand for an academy that would enhance my child’s knowledge of Spanish.

The defining moment was when my daughter went to Spain and realised Spanish language could facilitate to communicate with other kids and get new friends!
This led me to create the first after school children’s second language academy in the South of Brussels.

I therefore decided to launch this new project to help not only my daughter but other children in similar situations. Surrounded by qualified teachers, expert animators, and other multi lingual parents, our approach is original, creative, and most of all, fun for all.


If you want your child to become a Super Lexi hero, register him/her at Super Lexi