Our activities

Super Lexi accompanies your children in training by a language they already practice at home or at school: Dutch, Spanish, English, French or Polish… During each workshop your children will enrich their vocabulary and apply it daily.


The Super Lexi Hero

The workshops, animated by professionals in their mother tongue, support his cognitive, emotional and identity development. By funny and live activities, they aim improving and at intensifying the practice of a language in a ludic way.

Thus, your child:


Songs, games, words, Super Lexi expressions

As the name suggests, Super Lexi refers to the word «LEXICON». The activities are conceived in such a way that your child learns a vocabulary related to a theme while having fun. She/he learns to build complete and grammatically correct sentences and to develops her/his language.

The didactical and psycho-pedagogical approach, encourages the desire to discover and inspires the wish to learn.

When your child comes home, she/he will be proud to tell you everything she/he learned !

A structured language workshop

The activities of Super Lexi are based on topics appropriate to the child’s age :

The introduction to the themes : speech and language are stimulated by tales, sound clips that will encourage exchanges and the Learning of a specific lexicon. Through these themes, your child will improve their vocabulary in the language of choice.

Implementation : creativity and personal development are highlighted by manual work on the chosen theme. Your child will be completely free to develop her/his imagination while being guided in the choice of his achievements (illustrations, modeling clay, collages, coloring, paintings, etc.). What is most important is that she/he fully develops and speaks as much as possible the language.



If you want your child to become a Super Lexi hero, register him/her at Super Lexi